Tony 01

Meet Tony. He’s a bit shy, and a bit self-conscious. Tony is a 24 year old model from New York who contacted my office recently and wanted to see if I would be interested in producing some renders of him and his body. With a body like that how could I refuse?

Over the past couple of days I met up with Tony both in my Studio and at his flat.

When I first started workign with Tony one of the things I was immediately drawn to was his impish charm, although his exquisite physique certainly couldn’t be ignored either.

Tony mentioned that when he’s at home he tends to stay nude most of the time. It’s hard for him to find clothes that fit properly, and when he’s out in public he can’t help but draw stares and unwanted attantion to the massive bulge in his pants.

Tony isn’t gay, but he does admit that finding women that can appreciate him and accomodate his length and girth can be challenging. He tends to find men to be much more appreciative of his measurements. He told me that, “a mouth is a mouth” and “a hole is a hole” as I was setting up the scene.

For the technically curious this scene took way too long to develop than it should have. Over 37 hours to render this scene and almost 24,000 iterations on two (2) Nvidia Titan X Pascal GPUs. The scene was rendered to OpenEXR using the Nvidia Iray Server where it was imported into Adobe Photoshop to adjust levels, exported to a PNG that was then brought into Polarr Photo for watermarking, and then saved out as a JPG with the highest quality.

The character “Tony” is an original character of mine based on:

The actual character file used to create Tony is available to my Patreon patrons here.

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