DAZ3D Chat Rooms

If you'd like to shoot the breeze and engage with other DAZ Studio artists and not have to worry about Facebook's censorship or prudishness...

I've created several chat rooms on Matrix for us!

Come join us!

#DAZ3D - An unofficial channel for DAZ3D artists & enthusiasts providing a place to share their works, and provide help, resources, and discussion to the community.

DAZ3D Masculinity - An unofficial DAZ3D channel for male figures and works of art. (We also have a Facebook Group if you're interested as well.)

DAZ3D PAs - A channel for DAZ3D Publish Artists and Vendors. Access is by invitation only. Send a DM, Email, or Facebook message to me if you want to join!

DAZ3D for Adults - An unofficial DAZ3D Matrix Channel intended for adults. 😉

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