3D digital artwork of a shirtless muscular android with brown, curly hair standing in-front of a golden backdrop. Exposed circuitry is visible in his shoulder, and a blue colored LED is illuminated above his right-eye. He is wearing ripped brown pants with a black belt, and two devices on his wrists. A rather large genital bulge is also prominent.
"21st Century Love For Rent" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

21st Century Love for Rent

Rent-Boy Android Karl comes by the studio to show off his upgrades!

Rendered in DAZ Studio Pro with Iray on (2) Nvidia RTX-2080ti`s.

No postwork except to add watermarks.

This artwork incorporates, and makes use of, the following commercial and free assets. When available, non-affiliate links are provided below to the source for either purchase or download. Please support independent artists and do not download any of these products from unauthorized sources.

  • Karl for G8M (SithlordSims)
  • JSchaper's Cybernetic Implants
  • DZheng's Pants
  • LexaKiness's Parcel LEDs
  • CyberMe Eyes
  • AdedayoHair (Afrodite-Ohki)
  • Great Lights and Props for Iray