Michael Collins Face Morph (G8M)

Link: https://sharecg.com/v/91683/view/21/DAZ-Studio/Michael-Collins-Face-Morph-G8M

Alternate Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AscIt-viKJ6aeIMeQe2XJK63lZ4

This is a Face morph of my face. It was generated with FaceGen Artist Pro version 2.1 64-bit for Windows.

You are free to use this Face morph of my likeness to create any images for non-commercial purposes and for commercial purposes that are not advertising related. To use my likeness for advertising purposes, please contact me via Email <[email protected]> to obtain a license. All other commercial and non-commercial use is expressly permitted.

There are no restrictions on the use or types of images you may create.

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