Sex (20190127a)

Sex (20190127a)

  • “Luc” figure is from Luc by Marcius and is available at DAZ3D (
  • Luc’s Hair is from the Ceejay character bundle by 3D Universe (
  • Luc's genitals are Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements (
  • “Andre” figure is from Andre by Vincent Xyooj (
  • Andre requires Shape Shift by Zev0 for Genesis 8 Males with Androgyny Shape value set to 100%. (
  • Andre’s hair is Magnus Hair by Neftis3D (
  • Andre's genitals are Dicktator v3 by Meipe (
  • The set is Stage Hand by Age of Armor and DimensionTheory (
  • Neon letters are Real Neon Letters by DzFire (
  • Censorhip bars are basic primitive cubes with default DAZ Uber Frosted Glass Iray shader applied.

Postwork by me in Gimp 2.10.

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