20190312-01 Noel Censored

20190312-01 Noel Censored

Note: The uncensored version of this image is available on my website at https://cycz.us/K.

Noel stopped by my studio recently for some quick renders. I admit I was immediately taken back by his sheer masculinity. This is a DUF that loves to work out and flex his morphed muscles, and it shows!


Camera Settings:

  • DOF: On
  • Focal Distance: 399.48
  • F/Stop: 5.61

Render Settings:

  • Image Size: 3074x1900
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.620:1
  • Max Samples: 15000
  • Max Time (secs): 259200
  • Rendering Converged Ration: 99.0%
  • Caustic Sampler: On
  • Instancing Optimization: Speed
  • Exposure Value: 12.0
  • Shutter Speed (1/x): 64.0
  • Vignetting: 10.0
  • Environment Mode: Scene Only
  • Environment Lighting Blur: On
  • Image Name: 20190312-01 Noel Censored.png
  • Image Path: /Scenes/20190312-01 Noel/

Created on 2019-03-12 by Michael J. Collins with DAZ Studio Pro 4.11 Public Beta and rendered with the Nvidia Iray Render Engine. Postwork performed in Gimp 2.10.8. Watermark added by Add Watermark, available at the Microsoft Store.

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