So earlier this week I had a rather unfortunate experience with Facebook. I’ve outlined everything on my Twitter page here:

Since that time, and while I was in the proverbial Facebook Jail, I made the decision that I’m done with Facebook. That I will no longer be posting my artwork there no matter the subject matter.

I fully plan to and expect to continue on as an Admin for DAZ3D Masculinity.

In the meantime, I will be sharing my artwork with my friends and followers here–on, including it’s NSFW and XXX variants–as well as Twitter, Instagram (ironic I know), DeviantArt, Steem (alternate), Minds, and now Slushe!

With the exception of Instagram and DeviantArt, those other sites do not explicitly forbid nudity (and with the exception of DeviantArt the others allow for a full range of artistic expression.)

These past few days have been driving me crazy. Not least because it’s taken time away from me when I could be rendering more.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Look, I don’t have any delusions that my actions here are going to stop Facebook, or even force Facebook to change. I’m one user out of over 2,000,000,000 (god that’s sad), and admittedly Facebook is a useful tool for people to keep in touch with family and friends.

Me personally, I already have everybody’s phone number or Email I want to keep in touch with. My family is all dead. My husband’s family is all in Puerto Rico.

But I’ve made some amazing and wonderful friends on Facebook, and I’d be quite hurt if those friendships withered up and died.

But I can’t, in good conscience, continue to support Facebook!

If you aren’t paying for a product or a service, it is you that’s being sold.

The sad reality is that Facebook is as popular as it is because it does everything in its power to keep users on the site as long as possible.

Games such as Candy Crush Saga, Facebook "Pages", "Crisis Response", Messages, Groups, photo albums, galleries, and live video, all exist to keep your eyes staring at that blue & white page.

Even the color scheme is designed to keep you from leaving! Blue light naturally counteracts the effects of being tired. So just think about how many times you’ve stayed up on Facebook when you should have gone to bed!

And Facebook is far from healthy for interpersonal relationships.

It forces us into filter bubbles, to only hang out with and engage with people who share our same religious, political, and ideological views.

Don’t like what somebody says? Block ’em! … and they’re forever wiped from your circle.

Unfortunately that’s not how society works. That’s not how any of us are supposed to work.

You humans are social creatures! Non-violent conflict is healthy. It helps us mature our opinions and master our thoughts beyond the simple tweet and soundbyte.

We are becoming a hyper-polarized planet and it’s all because of Facebook.

Over the next couple of days I will be sharing what I’ve learned about some of the alternatives, too.

I hope you’ll join me on some of the other sites if for no other reason than the lack of any competition breeds complacency.

Until then, I invite you to check out my art posted anywhere other than Facebook.

Thanks for your time.