What’s in a name? 😉

Minds is an encrypted, open-source, decentralized social network known for having a very libertarian content policy, and allowing publishers and users to earn money through the buying, selling, and exchange of crypto-currency (Ethereum).

It’s also the closest thing to Facebook in alternative social networks.

Because of its laissez-faire community standards, Minds has unfortunately become a haven for the alt-right, neo-nazis, fascists, racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, and crypto-anarchists. Do not let this scare you! This is because not many people are on Minds that have mainstream views, so the largest population segment on there today tends to be people with rather extremist views. I haven’t really found this to be an issue.

I block, mute, downvote, and unfollow users, accounts, and posts that I find repugnant. This is all by Minds’ design! If you don’t like somebody, block ’em. Don’t report them to so-called "admins". You’re an adult, act like one. 😉

For the most part this works out well.

Posts are sorted and grouped into hashtags, so it can help to find things easier.

Minds has a few default hashtags but you can always add your own, and tag your content with them as well.

For example, I’ve added #3d, #3dart, #3dx, #dazstudio, #lgbt, #lgbtq, #lgbtqia, #nsfw and some others, in addition to the #art, #music, #photography, #outdoors, #technology, #poetry, #travel, #fashion, #comedy, #memes, #videos, #food, #spirituality, and #health that Minds shows to all profiles.

Profiles can even be marked as NSFW (Mature). Mine is, and for good cause because I regularly post NSFW images there. So if you happen to stumble on my Profile page while you’re at work, no need to worry about your boss seeing peen on your monitor! 🤣

And you can have groups!

I host the 3D Men NSFW group on Minds! It’s basically the NSFW version of DAZ3D Masculinity on Facebook.

I’m not on Minds to earn any money, though apparently I have earned some credits. I’m sure I’ll earn more as I use Minds more and as more people join and come to Minds.

My Minds profile is at minds.com/mjc3d. Let me know your’s and I’ll follow you back!