If Minds is a laissez-faire version of Facebook, then Steem is almost the same equivalent to Tumblr. Let me explain. 😉

In many ways the concept of Steem and Minds sounds almost identical. Both are based on a blockchain. Both are decentralized. Both have very liberal Community Standards, and both purportedly allow you to earn money for your contributions to the platform and community. Steem pushes the cryptocurrency aspect a little further (and harder) I think than Minds, but if you don’t care about cryptocurrency then that certainly shouldn’t be a reason why you should avoid taking a look.

Steem doesn’t have "groups" like Minds does; per sé. Like Minds, posts are organized by tags, but the first tag you attach to any post becomes the master category and that can’t be changed. For example, I’m trying to tag all of my posts with #mjc3d first (when I can remember) so all of my contributions can easily be grouped together.

Steem also has a plugin for WordPress that allows you to automatically cross-post your WordPress blog posts to Steem. It’s called SteemPress and it’s very good!

Like Minds, Steem is full of racist xenophobes, homophobes, transphobes, and general fuckwits, idiots, scumbags, neanderthals, assholes, and ammosexuals. But like Minds, you can easily downvote posts you disagree with, or outright block people you find repulsive. Steem is what it is today because more people with mainstream views aren’t on the platform and there’s an abundance of right-wing nut-jobs instead.

Posts on Steem are written in Markdown format which is pretty straight-forward and easy to learn and use. If you’re not comfortable writing in Markdown you don’t even have to worry about it as Markdown is plain-text with a few accouterments.

I highly encourage you to give Steem a try. It’s a really cool community and you coming on-board will only make it better!

My Steem profile is or or any one of the other half-dozen or so Steem websites and applications that all tie into the Steem blockchain. Let me know what your profile is and I’ll be sure to follow!