New Artwork: “Not On The Shoes!”

Worked on some new artwork this week. Due to the graphic sexual nature of it, it's been uploaded to my XXX site.

It features the G8M character "Hudson" as well as the G8F character "Ashlyn".

Ashlyn is standing in front of Hudson wearing only some Daisy Dukes and some very expensive shoes.

Hudson is standing behind her grabbing her left tit with his left hand. His rather monstrous cock is seen poking out from between her thighs shooting a massive jet of cum.

Normally I don't do straight stuff but Ashlyn intrigued me and I loved the pure carnal nature of it all.

I think I'll be using Ashlyn quite a bit more in some upcoming works.

The very NSFW and XXX image is available here:

Viewer discretion is advised.

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