We see a naked, muscular, European man with dark hair and long bangs draped over half of his face, sitting on the floor with his legs spread and his outstretched arms resting on his knees. The room he is in appears to be a rather old library. Thick cables are strewn about. The walls are filled with books and there is a strange metal orb in a room off to the side and rear. A large carnivorous plant, similar to a Venus Flytrap  is positioned off to his right and appears to be staring at him with its mouth open.
"An Unfortunate Turn of Events" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

I originally came up with the idea for this image last month as a test scene to import into Blender for rendering in Cycles. That test didn't quite go as planned so I abandoned this idea and forgot about it.

The scene features Karl for G8M from Sithlordsims. The set and environment is the Old Library by Polish and Dekogon Studios with a special appearance by the DAZ Mouse and "Audrey" the Carnivorous Plant (both available at DAZ).

As for the principal subject, I haven't decided if this represents a success of a failure on his part. But one thing's for certain, he's probably going to have a story to tell tomorrow!

Postwork in Luminar NEO and Affinity Photo.