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Tony 03

Tony made it clear he’s not gay, but he did hint that he’d be open and willing to do anything I might ask of him. Not ashamed to admit my mind has already been racing about coming up with some carnal situations I will have fun putting him in!

Uncensored Image

Censored Image

Tony 01

Meet Tony. He’s a bit shy, and a bit self-conscious. Tony is a 24 year old model from New York who contacted my office recently and wanted to see if I would be interested in producing some renders of him and his body. With a body like that how could I refuse?

Over the past couple of days I met up with Tony both in my Studio and at his flat.

When I first started workign with Tony one of the things I was immediately drawn to was his impish charm, although his exquisite physique certainly couldn’t be ignored either.

Tony mentioned that when he’s at home he tends to stay nude most of the time. It’s hard for him to find clothes that fit properly, and when he’s out in public he can’t help but draw stares and unwanted attantion to the massive bulge in his pants.

Tony isn’t gay, but he does admit that finding women that can appreciate him and accomodate his length and girth can be challenging. He tends to find men to be much more appreciative of his measurements. He told me that, “a mouth is a mouth” and “a hole is a hole” as I was setting up the scene.

For the technically curious this scene took way too long to develop than it should have. Over 37 hours to render this scene and almost 24,000 iterations on two (2) Nvidia Titan X Pascal GPUs. The scene was rendered to OpenEXR using the Nvidia Iray Server where it was imported into Adobe Photoshop to adjust levels, exported to a PNG that was then brought into Polarr Photo for watermarking, and then saved out as a JPG with the highest quality.

The character “Tony” is an original character of mine based on:

The actual character file used to create Tony is available to my Patreon patrons here.

Thank you for your insterest and for your support!

Tony and his Tools

Tony is a new character I’m working on and I was trying to figure out which gens I think he should have. Some of them are more easier to use, texture, and control than others.

What do you think? Which one is best? #1, #2, #3, or #4 (left to right)?

Thank you for your support, and as always I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts and feedback you might have about my work.

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Tracee & Alex 01

Hi all! First off, sorry for the lack of updates. This image almost didn’t even happen!

So, a fan on DeviantArt had a special request for an image (actually a series) starring Tracee and Alex. He wanted Tracee to be shaved, and Alex a bit more endowed. Who am I to say no to those kinds of requests, eh?

Well, when I went to do the render it seemed like there was one calamity after another started to brew.

First, something seriously happened to Tracee’s eyes, and I suddenly started to have fireflies in her eyes which ruined the render. Then, no matter how much I tried to correct her eyes things only got worse.

To top it off the other day I got a virus on my PC which ruined all my files and I had to restore everything from a backup. Backup your PCs, kids! I swear to the Goddess if I didn’t have backups I would have been up Schitt’s Creek and without a paddle.

Things are back somewhat to normal, and I’m pleased to report I was able to knock out the above image for your enjoyment this afternoon.

Keeping this post patron-only for the next 24 hours or so, and as always I’d love to hear what you think!

Thanks again for your support. It means the World.

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Heather, Ernesto, and Corrine 01b

What can I say, with Corrine back in the picture Heather’s hopes of getting some action have blissfully floated away.

There wasn’t much I could do I’m afraid. 🙂 And if I dare say it, Corrine’s breasts are looking quite nice, too.

Patron only for the next 24 hours.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks again for your support.

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Heather, Ernesto, and Corrine 01a

Corrine heard that Ernesto was in the Studio and decided to rush down to the Studio to say hi! Those two have a history. Besides, Corrine recently had some plastic surgery and wanted to show off her new breasts to her favorite friend with benefits.

Patron only for the next 24 hours.

As always I welcome any and all feedback and criticism you might have, and thanks so much for your support!

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Heather and Ernesto 02

Heather couldn’t take her eyes off Ernesto and was dripping with desire and anticipation. Things were going to get hot and steamy I could feel it!

Patron only just for you for the next 24 hours.

As always, I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts, comments, feedback, or critiques you might have. Thanks again for your support!

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