3D digital artwork of a same-sex couple in a loving embrace relaxing on a couch together at home.
"Ethan and Patrick at Home" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Ethan and Patrick at Home

In the future aritificial intelligence has become sentient and has devloped unique personalities and emotions. Love. Envy. Despair. Shame.

To allow an AI to interact more closely with the world and to experience everything that the World and that living has to offer the decision was made to allow an AI to be downloaded and implanted into an android body.

Much like our bodies are merely vessels for our brain and consciousness, so to are the android bodies that AIs inhabit. Just as a body needs a brain, and a brain needs a body; an android without an AI is simply an inanimate doll.

With that in mind my premise for this piece was to show the natural evolution of such a process. Where man and machine could/would fall in-love with eachother and how that love would be expressed.

This is one of the first renders I did with Ethan, the blonde android character pictured above. I wanted to convey the love and emotion that both Ethan and Patrick (his partner) feel for one another.