A tall, slender, well-built man, with blonde hair is standing in a studio in front of dark gothic furniture and walls. Severaĺ red, lit candles illuminate the scene. He is wearing a red collar and black tie but there is no shirt. He is also wearing red leather chaps and has his right hand on his thigh and left hand on his lower abdomen. A short, petite, young woman wearing a red & black gothic collar, top, suspenders, and skirt is standing slightly askew to him. Her right hand is outstretched and she is gripping the base of his rather long and thick shaft that is hanging beneath a thick tuft of blonde pubic hair.
"Gothic Rudy" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Gothic Rudy

The more I work with Rudy the more I fall in love with him. Ive tweaked his body and proportions a bit over the last week or so and I think Ive pretty much settled on his final form. Rudy stands 7 feet tall and weve dialed his dong back a bit maxing out at a comfortable (and more reasonable) 12 inches.

Joining Rudy in the studio today is Pendragons Chilly. Where weve made Rudy bigger, weve had to dial Chilly a little-bit down. She might be short, but she is 100% an adult woman. Shes even a couple of inches taller than Kristen Chenoweth!

Thought wed go for a more gothic motif this time, too.

Featuring Rudy HD for Genesis 9 (available at DAZ3D) and PN Chilly for Genesis 8¹F (available at Renderotica).

The set is Gothic Moment by DM (available at Renderosity), and the environment is Iray Lighting Environment by Predatron (available at DAZ3D).

Rudy is wearing Impulse Pants 1 by LexaKiness (available at Renderotica) and the collar from the JRH dForce Enidio Underwear by JaReHorse (available from Renderosity).

Chilly is wearing the JMR dForce Danica Outfit by JaMaRe (available from Renderosity).

The poses are mine.

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