3D rendered image of a young non-binary person, with short brown hair wearing eye shadow and lipstick, standing outside the front porch of wooden house with a brick foundation. They are wearing a long-sleeve navy sweater over a white, untucked, long-sleeve, buttoned-up shirt with the sleeve cuffs folded-up, a black mini-skirt, and black boots that are just out of frame. They appear to be looking at someone or some activity taking place in the distance.
"Non-Binary Teen" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Non-Binary Teen

I was inspired this week to do something a little different.

I am humbled and inspired by society's growing acceptance of non-binary and gender-fluid youth and young people. Back in my day it was basically Boy George (and David Bowie) who even hinted at blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity and portrayed themselves with varying levels of androgyny.

So I wanted to do something to celebrate not only them but everyone today living their life as their authentic-self.

I hope I'm still alive to see society's full acceptance of everyone's authentic selves however they may choose to present.

Until then, know you have an ally, a fan, and a supporter in me. For everyone who is lacking acceptance in their own lives I wish I could bring you all into my home.

I love you all!