OC Toby

This is an original character by me, Michael Collins. I am releasing it free of charge, and it may be used for any purpose whatsoever. The only thing I ask is that you credit me (“MJC”) and my website <https://mjc3d.com> should you decide to use the character in any of your commercial or non-commercial renders.

This character may be used for all commercial and non-commercial renders and comes with no restrictions. You are free to modify the files contained in this archive for your own purposes, and may distribute those modifications without any restrictions, so long as you come up with a new and unique name for your modified character.

You are not allowed to redistribute this archive and its files unmodified.

The file <MJC3D Toby.duf> is a DAZ Studio Scene Subset file. In order to properly load “MJC3D Toby,” you will need to have the following products installed:

Character (including Genitals)


  • Michael 6 Nevio (included in the Michael 6 Pro Bundle)


Software Support

This software comes to you with absolutely no support of any kind.

Warranty & Disclaimer

Your use of this software constitutes your acknowledgment and consent that the software provided herein is provided “AS IS” without any warranty or guarantees of any kind.


Michael J. Collins


MJC3d Toby.7z