3D rendered image of a young, well-built, nude man, with an exceptionally long penis, standing on a platform in a cyberpunk/ futuristic technological room. There is a kitten laying across the man's feet with its paws stretched upwards reaching for the man's dangling penis. The man has a shit-eating grin on his face.
"Rupert in the Matrix" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Rupert in the Matrix

Just playing around with the new Rupert character from PedroFurtadoArts. God is he gorgeous. Had to dial-in my semi-trademark skinny waist and massive dong because what's the point in having a cock if it's not big!

The environment/ set is Phenolic Sphere which is quite nice. Loving the whole cyberpunk vibe of things and I have lots of plans for this set in the future.

Just a fun piece. Been quite busy as of late. Hopefully I'll have more time for more art here soon.