3D digital artwork of a well-built, muscular, nude man with pink spiked-hair sporting a very large, dark, and thick uncircumcised penis that is hanging down from a neatly cropped tuft of hair, and has several face and body piercings, a hairy chest, smooth abs and torso, and hairy arms and legs. He is standing in a studio with one arm outstretched, its hand resting on his shoulder, in front of a dark floor and background and is smiling broadly.
"Seamus 2" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Seamus 2

Seamus is a 25 year-old half Irish/ half Italian man originally from Dublin, Ireland, and 100% hot as fuck! Seamus is over here on an a Student Visa getting his PhD in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech.

So Seamus, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Gosh, not really sure where to start to be honest. I love Hawaiian Pizza, chicken tacos, pad thai, and burgers from The Varsity! I was kind of a shy bloke in school, but really came out of my shell when my best mate turned me on to The Ramones. Let's see... Mum and Dad are still back in Ireland. I have a little sister. I've been over here in Georgia for about a year or so working on my PhD and it's been wicked fun!

Do you have a girlfriend? Boyfriend?

Nope. The study program is pretty intense. Not a lot of time for relationships I'm afraid. Not to say I haven't been sowing my Irish oates!

We bet. That's a might find cock you have there!

Thanks! I've had no complaints!

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.12.1 Pro with Iray on (2) Nvidia Titan X Pascals.

Postwork in Affinity Photo, Nik Tools.

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