3D digital artwork of a well-built, muscular, nude man with pink spiked-hair sporting a very large, dark, and thick uncircumcised penis hanging down from a neatly cropped tuft of hair, and has several face and body piercings, a hairy chest, smooth abs and torso, and hairy arms and legs. He is standing in a studio with his right arm across his chest grasping his left bicep in front of a dark floor and background and is smiling broadly.
"Seamus 4" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Seamus 4

Seamus is a 25 year-old half Irish/ half Italian man originally from Dublin, Ireland, and 100% hot as fuck! Seamus is over here on an a Student Visa getting his PhD in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech.

So I take it you're straight.

I dunno, mate. Why limit yourself to only part of the buffet, right?

Have you ever been with a guy?

Well no. But I wouldn't be averse to it if the right guy and opportunity presented itself!

What's your perfect first date like then?

Let's see. I'd probably take her -- or him -- out to a nice restaurant. Maybe a nice steak place or seafood restaurant. We'll have some appetizers, drink some wine, eat our dinner, have some more wine, then maybe take an Uber back to my place for some dessert and some Netflix & chill.

Do you believe in paying for the check or going Dutch?

Depends. If it's my idea, I'm paying. If it's her idea I'll still be prepared to pay but it would be nice if she offers. I mean, it's 2020 ffs!

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.12.1 Pro with Iray on (2) Nvidia Titan X Pascals.

Postwork in Affinity Photo, Nik Tools.

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