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Heather and Ernesto 01

I promised yesterday that Ernesto would be stopping by the Studio today and he did. Heather was a bit taken back by Ernesto I must say.

I was able to capture some fun moments between both, that is until a surprise guest stopped by!

As always, I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts, comments, feedback, or critiques you might have. Thanks so much for your support!

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Heather Studio 01 Clothed

Was toying around yesterday afternoon trying to come up with a look for a female character. When she finally came together she reminded me a bit of Winona Ryder and I immediately thought of Ryder’s character in Heathers. Hence, I’ve called her “Heather”.

I know she’s clothed and sorry if you were expecting a nude. I even debated whether or not to just post this to my DeviantArt page since she’s not nude but I promised you advanced viewings. Tomorrow! Ernesto and Heather are coming by the ‘Studio tomorrow for some fun.

I have a thing for brunettes (guys and girls), what can I say?

Really curious to hear your feedback and what you think. Like Ernesto’s image from yesterday, I’ll keep this one patron-only for about 24 hours before I share it with the World.

1/100 shutter, F/Stop 9.0, and ISO 100 film. 43 minutes and 6 seconds to render (dual Nvidia Titan X Pascal GPUs on Windows 10 Professional).

Thoughts? Critiques? Is it crap? I’m all ears (eyes)!

Thanks again for your support.

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