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Heather, Ernesto, and Corrine 01b

What can I say, with Corrine back in the picture Heather’s hopes of getting some action have blissfully floated away. There wasn’t much I could do I’m afraid. 🙂 And [ … ]

Heather and Ernesto 02

Heather couldn’t take her eyes off Ernesto and was dripping with desire and anticipation. Things were going to get hot and steamy I could feel it! Patron only just for [ … ]

Heather and Ernesto 01

I promised yesterday that Ernesto would be stopping by the Studio today and he did. Heather was a bit taken back by Ernesto I must say. I was able to [ … ]


Ernesto Studio 01

This is Ernesto. An original character I started working on back in March. He’s cocky and a bit of a flirt. Of course he’s also quite gifted so it takes [ … ]


Tyler Unzipped

Tyler is hawt and hung and he knows it! So when he stopped by the ‘Studio for a little visit I couldn’t resist but letting him bask in some Irays. [ … ]


Jacque (Studio)

3D Iray render of nude male character, “Jacque,” standing in the studio. Image