This is a futuristic sci-fi 3D image featuring two men standing at the foot of some underground stairs. One of the men is Ethan Hall, an AI 'android', and his partner, Patrick (Hall). A young athletic woman walks down the stairs. An black woman wearing a jacket and jeans walks up the stairs. A young man wearing a vest over a white t-shirt and jeans walks down the stairs. There is a homeless and disabled cyborg veteran leaning up against the wall with a sign that reads 'Disabled Cyber Veteran Please Help'. A drone is hovering just in-front of Ethan with a laser scanning beam protruding from its front scanning tattoo-like marking on Ethan's right chest: 'Ethan Hall / AI Registration / H122418729063 / Avatar Mfg Date / 1980-05-18 / Restrictions: *NONE*'.
"Underground VIgnette" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Underground Vignette

In Parallel Worlds, Ethan travels to our universe leaving behind his partner back in his "home" universe. Here we get to see Ethan's partner, Patrick, for the first time.

One of the key tenets of Parallel Worlds is that the android consciousness is an AI and is decoupled from the android body. As such all autonomous avatars must be "licensed" by the State. Registration details must be permanently affixed to each avatar "body" and be presented upon request by any authority (artificial or otherwise). In Ethan's case he has a laser engraving with his body's registration details affixed on his right chest directly above the nipple.

This was a fun scene to do. The environment and lighting is Old City Center (DAZ3D) which is an expansive and immersive environment.

Ethan is based off of Armand HD and Valentino 8 (DAZ3D) with a ton of additional morphs dialed-in. His hair is Beatris Hair for G8F (DAZ3D). Everyday 2 Pants (DAZ3D) and NEO High Top Boots and Sneakers for G8M (DAZ3D).

Patrick has Laurent's body (Renderosity), Laurent's head dialed-in at 50%, and Bernat's head dialed-in at 100% (Renderosity). I didn't want Patrick to look like anyone recognizable and Laurent is based on Timothy Chalamet so I had to improvise. Also, Emma & Jordi's G8M body morphs were used to add additional details to the body and limbs. (Available at Gumroad). Hair is Kio Hair (DAZ3D), and the outfit is Number One by Lyoness (Renderosity).

The woman walking down the stairs Jennica G3F (DAZ3D). Her hair is Raquel Hair (DAZ3D), and her outfit is Proxy Outfit (DAZ3D).

The woman walking up the stairs is Shangrila (DAZ3D). Her outfit is Urban Survivors (DAZ3D), and her hair is Tiny Locks (DAZ3D).

The man walking down the stairs is Greg (DAZ3D). His outfit is Chill Wear (DAZ3D), and his hair is Troy Hair (DAZ3D).

The "Disabled Cyber Veteran" is Novak (DAZ3D). He's wearing the full accompaniment of ArcTek and ArcWar limbs and head for G8M (DAZ3D), and OMNI Suit on his torso. (DAZ3D). The sign is from Road 'n' Rails for Terradome 3 (DAZ3D) with my own custom texture.

The drone is from Alien Sentry Drone (DAZ3D).

The laser beam is a internal DAZ Studio conical primitive with a Z-scale of 0.01% and an Iray emissive shader applied with 20% opacity. It is parented to the front-shield of the drone.

All poses are mine.

Rendered 4500x3000 in DAZ Studio 4.20. Postwork in Luminar NEO and Affinity Photo.