Hi, I'm Mike. I'm a 3D artist.

I live in Atlanta with my husband and our dogs. I first got into 3D art in 1996 when I first discovered Poser. It lit a spark inside me I didn't know I had and I have been creating 3D art ever since.

Over the years I've worked with Vue d'Esprit, Carrara, Bryce, Modo, Amapi, Wings 3D, and a bunch of other applications that have come and gone. Around 2005 or so DAZ released DAZ Studio to compete with Poser and the writing was on the wall. I pretty much have been a DAZ user ever since.

Today I work with several different 3D & 2D applications to create my works. My primary application is DAZ but I'm incorporating Blender more and more into my workflow and slowly learning Marvelous Designer. I also use Zbrush for making my own character morphs and Armor Paint and Krita for texturing.




Michael Collins is a digital artist creating works with several different 3D software packages. His works features science fiction and homoerotic themes.