3D digital artwork of a well-built, muscular, nude man with pink spiked-hair with several face and body piercings, a hairy chest, smooth abs and torso, and hairy arms and legs. He is sitting in a studio with a serious expression and is looking past the camera. His righ hand is touching his right thigh, his left hand is resting in front of his crotch, its forearm on his thigh. His rigt thigh is spread.
"Seamus 6" Artwork by Michael J. Collins

Seamus 6

Seamus is a 25 year-old half Irish/ half Italian man originally from Dublin, Ireland, and 100% hot as fuck! Seamus is over here on an a Student Visa getting his PhD in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech.

So what does Seamus like to do to have fun?

Oh, I don't know. Play some video games. Go to a movie. Love cooking!

You cook? What's your favorite dish to make?

I really really love making spinach souffle. People think it's such a complicated and delicate dish to make (but it's not) and every one that I've made it for has falling head over heels in love with me and my recipe for doing so. ;-) It's kind of my secret weapon!

Nice. Although now your secret is probably out. :-) We know you like Punk. What are some of the other things you're into? Favorite food? Sport? Movie?

Well, I listen to other stuff other than Punk and Blues. I really dig EDM (which I know sounds weird coming from somebody that looks like me!) As for sport? What sane bloke doesn't like football, am I right? Your Atlanta United is not bad! But if I had to choose I'd say hurling is my fave. As for movies? The Committments, of course!

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.12.1 Pro with Iray on (2) Nvidia Titan X Pascals.

Postwork in Affinity Photo, Nik Tools.

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