3D digital artwork of a well-built, muscular, nude man with pink spiked-hair sporting a very large, dark, and thick uncircumcised penis that is hanging down from a neatly cropped tuft of hair, and has several face and body piercings, a hairy chest, smooth abs and torso, and hairy arms and legs. He is standing with his arms to his side in a studio against a dark floor and background and is smiling broadly.

Seamus 1

Meet Seamus. Seamus is a 25 year-old half Irish/ half Italian man originally from Dublin, Ireland, and 100% hot as fuck! Seamus is over…

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3D digital artwork of a well-built, tanned, muscular, nude man with long, black hair parted in the middled, standing outside of a brightly painted tropical building pointing at his crotch with both of his hands. The Sun is high and it is quite bright. He has large and very prominent genitals.

Deric 04

Trust me, he also knows what his best asset is and what everybody wants to see, too. He told me it's well over 10…

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