MJC3D (106)

Michael Collins is a digital artist creating works with several different 3D software packages. His works features science fiction and homoerotic themes.

3D digital artwork featuring a shirtless slim young male android. He is standing slightly askew and looking up and past the camera. Most of his face is visible with wisps of long blonde hair covering his right eye and cheek. His robotic joints and exposed circuitry in his left clavicle are quite prominent. So is the bulge in his form-fitting pants whose legs stop mid-calf. He's wearing black high-top sneakers and black socks.

Ethan - Continued

Another shot of Ethan, this time his face is not completely obscured by his hair like it was in the original. I rendered this…

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Picture of a slim young man that appears to be an android, posing with his hand near his crotch accentuating a rather prominent bulge.

Ethan - Sexy Pose

This is Ethan, an android character in a story I'm working on. He's based on the Armand HD character for G8M and Valentino 8,…

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Making a GeoGraft for G8M

Introduction In this article I use Blender to create a simple geograft of a power port in the lower back of G8M, part of…

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A young man from a parallel world is in shock after being transported to a secret underground base.

The Arrival

Yes, parallel worlds exist! But if you're going to go snatching people from other realms though you better be ready to handle what comes…

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3D digital artwork of one of my OCs, Karl, making the "Love" sign with his hands. He is wearing a crop-top that shows off his chiseled abs and stomach quite prominently.

Karl sends his love.

Rent-Boy Android Karl sends his love and wants you to know he's thinking of you. Rendered in DAZ Studio Pro with Iray on (3) Nvidia…

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